Citrus Greening / Asian citrus psyllid

By jasonw on Fri, May 10, 2013 - 12:29pm

Came across this article this morning about the issues commercial citrus growers are having with Greening Disease:

Anyone experiencing problems on the small scale, individual level with Greening and psyllids?

Orange Juice futures are up today!

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no problems yet

We only have one citrus tree (a cold-hardy Satsuma). It's shown no sign of disease so far, and we live far enough north in SC that we hopefully will not have a problem with citrus greening. But...if you do not live in a place that grows something, in my opinion you should get out of the habit of consuming it. Deal locally, or grow a substitute yourself. We no longer drink orange juice. We have extensive Muscadine grape vines on 200-ft of backyard fence and a colander juicer (see below). We can a lot of grape juice.

If we lived any further north I'd be planning on making apple juice.

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