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By a1911guy on Mon, May 6, 2013 - 3:59pm

We have had layers every year for the past decade.  This year there is an unusual condition with a few of my Barred Plymouth Rocks.  Their backsides (under their tail) is bare of feathers and looks red and inflamed.  I have never seen the hens picking on the effected birds, but I do see feathers in the nest boxes so I wonder of the hens are removing their own feathers for nesting.  These hens often stay in the nest box into the evening and I have to remove them to the roost by hand.  Thus far they seem to lay well and have no other issues.



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Seems to me they may have gone broody. They pull the feathersnout themselves. If you have fertile eggs they would be happy to sit on them for you! 

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bare red but

I became interested because we just took on 4 new hens and one of them has a similar condition.  I found a pretty good article that may indicate mites or lice, which is treatable.

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Broody hens will loose feathers so they can sit and keep eggs warm.  I saw that witha coupel Buff Orpingtons I had go broody once. Leave some eggs, real or fake, and see if they stay put on them.  If you don't want them to sit, keep moving them until they eventually give up trying to be broody.


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