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Has anyone had problems with mites? We had trouble with them last year, and ended up culling our flock. This year will have new birds and a new coop! We really want to avoid mites again.

p.s. we used diatomaeceous (sp?) earth, but it was not effective on all the birds.



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Re mites

I had trouble once with mites. I cleaned the coop and sprinkled diamataceous earth to get rid of them. I'd keep your coop clean and provide for your hens to take dirt baths.  Good luck!  

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We've been thinking that the

We've been thinking that the mites kept coming back for two reasons; 1 - wild birds, such as magpies, crows, sparrows, starlings, etc, are often in the barn feeding themselves, and, likely leaving mites and mite eggs behind. 

2 - the barn itself is quite old and lacking a concrete floor and real weatherproofing. It is full of nooks and cracks and very old timber with endless hiding spaces for any insect. Replacing the barn is a priority - but a darn expensive one! A new chicken coop is on the books for this spring, probably in the next two weeks! A proper coop will allow us to maintain conditions much better.

by the way, we've always had great, sheltered dust baths for our chickens, and we have used D.E in the last year. 

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