Connecticut is on the move to Label GMO's

By MustardSeed on Fri, Mar 29, 2013 - 9:37pm

Just an alert to those who are interested in the fight to label GMO foods - The Connecticut Legislature is in the throes of creating a GMO labeling bill.  Public testimony (on many Public Health Bills, but predominantly on the GMO bill) went until 2 am I heard, and many people who submitted testimony, could not stay to testify.  (I, for one, had to leave to attend the Rowe workshop that afternoon.)

To see all the GMO testimony, enter this exact search into Google: gmo 2013

Special Request: if you are working on the GMO issue, please consider NOT villifying Monsanto, no matter how tempting.  To villify them in public, and often in private as well, may lose us the listeners we most want to reach.  That is: people who have not yet made up their minds may have a harder time hearing the facts about GMO's when the facts are mixed with attacks.  Bottom line: Let's get GMO's labeled!!! 

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Thanks for bringing this up

We have signed petitions and have written to all our local congress persons. It has made it out committee with a near unanimous vote.  That's a great sign, lets hope this makes it through.  Not telling the truth about Monsanto, now that will take real self restraint.  You know that lots misinformation and money will be pushing the other way.  There is a lot a stake, because it get labled, it stops being sold.

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