Gold & Silver Digest: 3/29/13

Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Fri, Mar 29, 2013 - 7:21pm

The Gold & Silver Digest contains headlines of stories that members of this group deem relevant and/or interesting to precious metals enthusiasts.

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3/29/13 7:40 PM EST US close metals price quotes from Finviz

GoldSeek: COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report

The COT reports which we look at each week providea breakdown of each Tuesday's open interest for markets in which 20 or moretraders hold positions equal to or above the reporting levels established bythe CFTC.   The weekly reports forFutures-and-Options-Combined Commitments of Traders are released every Fridayat 3:30 p.m. Eastern time.   The shortreport shows open interest separately by reportable and Non-reportablepositions.   For reportable positions,additional data is provided for commercial and non-commercial holdings,spreading, changes from the previous report.

321Gold: Gold Chart Easter Eggs?

TLT (T-Bond Proxy ETF) Tradable Rally Chart

  • I’m not a bond market bull, and when the bond market was trading near the recent highs, I shorted it.
  • There is a nice opportunity for investors to buy the bond now, but just for an intermediate-term trade.
  • In recent weeks, volume patterns have been transitioning from bearish to bullish, which I’ve highlighted on this chart. The bond has moved down into the area that I’ve identified as support. A small rally is now underway.

The Daily Reckoning: Central Banks Are Buying More Gold Than Ever — Shouldn’t You Be Too?

Bloomberg reported recently that Russia is now the world's biggest gold buyer, its central bank having added 570 tonnes (18.3 million troy ounces) over the past decade. At $1,650/ounce, that's $30.1 billion worth of gold.

Russia isn't alone, of course. Central banks as a group have been net buyers of gold for at least two years now. But the 2012 data trickling out shows that the amount of tonnage being added is breaking records.

321Gold: Payback Time

I've written about this before, but I want to emphasize this again. I've been asked to name one future situation of which I'm most certain. My answer is this -- I believe the surest situation (change) in America's future is a decline, even a drastic decline, in our standard of living. We've spent it; we've spent what we didn't have. And somewhere ahead, probably much sooner than we think, will come payback time. And it won't be pretty.

Sound Money Campaign: Everything You Need to Know About Gold from Top Casey Research Analyst

If You Want to Own Gold, Top Casey Research Analysts Suggest Owning a Gold Mine just released an important interview with Marin Katusa of Casey Research. Marin is a successful investor and analyst who runs the KCR Fund which includes himself, Rick Rule of Sprott Asset Management, and Doug Casey of Casey Research.

Financial Sense: If You Don’t Own Your Bank Deposit, Do You Own Your Gold?

Three New Realities

When it was announced that both large and small depositors were to have a percentage of them seized, it was not the amount that horrified the world but the discovery that you do not own your own bank deposits.

  1. Most investors worldwide are of the belief that when you deposit your money in a bank, it simply has safe-keeping of that money. The realization that you have lent the bank your money and are an “Unsecured Creditor” of the bank is an unpleasant revelation.

GoldSeek: Is the correction in gold and silver behind us or still to come? Is Jim Sinclair, Marc Faber or George Soros right?

Provided gold and silver can eventually reach new heights who cares what happens in the short-term? Well it does matter because as Keynes once observed in the long-run we are all dead. However, think back to 2008-9.

The gold and silver took a huge pasting in financial markets, along with just about everything else apart from bonds and cash. But the rebound in gold and silver prices came quickly, within six months and then precious metal prices headed very much higher.

GoldSeek: Precious Metals the Antidote to Fiat Currency Threat: International Resource Specialist Peter Krauth

Peter Krauth, resource specialist for Money Map Press, considers the precious metals space an overarching requirement for investors. He sees value in every sector, although he admits it takes a contrarian mindset to see the opportunity among stocks that have been trending down for as long as 18 months. In this Gold Report interview, Krauth discusses the platinum group metals space, where supply-and-demand tensions will move the price of palladium up.

The Gold Report: Peter, playing equities is all about timing. With many resource equities trading near all-time lows, it seems like a buyer's market. Do you agree?

SilverSeek: Storing Silver for the Next Generation

Many parents looking to the future and concerned about their children’s financial security have been reframing reasons for owning silver as a long term investment.

Awareness seems to be growing among parents that an outstanding way to provide for their child's future educational expenses is to employ silver ownership as an investment vehicle.

These college expenses typically include tuition, study materials like books and computers, travel, and room and board costs.

SilverSeek: Buy Silver Now?

Do you want to buy silver? Have you considered seasonal price patterns before jumping in with both feet? What typically has happened to the price of silver, in past years, following a March/April purchase? Does it make sense to buy now or wait to make that purchase?

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Storage Alternatives - Money - PM's - in Cyprus Shadow

If this thread does not exist elsewhere, perhaps Adam would consider creating one.

With the Cyprus debacle potentially looming in the US future for our desperate Fed, banks and politicians, perhaps we need a generic discussion of the options and risks of non-bank storage.

I say "generic" because no one wants to discuss what "they" are doing for security reasons.

PM backed IRA's would make tempting targets, but where to go with those? Cash stashed away in stable regional banks, how safe is that? Legitimate, reputable US non-bank storage vendors? What might their fate be in the melt-down we know is coming, especially when they may be hundreds of miles away? Off-shore banks and storage, well many (but not all) of their accounts did not fare well in Cyprus as "foreigners". What about ones we may want to set up somewhere? Many more questions than answers.

Whatever options there are, need to be known and vetted far ahead and decisions made based on the risks we are willing to tolerate. I believe we need some objective sources and resources to make the difficult decisions.



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Self Directed IRA with PM Newbie

I am looking into optoin for a PM self directed IRA.    I understand that it is possible to take possession and have stored at an appropriate trustee.  I am trying to shorten the learning curve on solid options from the what seems to be a number of choices out there.  Any input is greatly appreciated.


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Solo 401k

have you considered a solo-401k? (10x higher contribution limits and less chance of being "unwound" from potential prohibited transactions). Here's a place to set it up for cheap (and very simple):

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