More signs that paper Gold may not have physical Gold behind it

Jim H
By Jim H on Mon, Mar 25, 2013 - 3:52pm

From the John Embry interview on KWN today;

I would also note that ABN AMRO Bank just said that even if you hold gold in their system, you can’t get it out.  If you want to sell it they will give you cash, otherwise your gold is in good hands.  This just confirmed what I’ve always believed, and this is that the gold in the banking system has been hypothecated and re-hypothecated so many times that nobody is going to be able to get their physical gold.  

So, again, Egon von Greyerz deserves credit because he’s been telling people for years to get their gold out of the banking system.  This latest announcement by ABN AMRO just confirms exactly what Egon has been saying.”


The news as originally broken by ZH;

How much more clear to the signals need to be?  Germany can't get their Gold shipped back until seven years pass.. and now this.  Sprott shows that the US has shipped over 4000 Tons of Gold offshore since 1991...

The truth is out there. 


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