What have you learned from an elder lately?

By sdmptww on Mon, Mar 25, 2013 - 5:53am

I would like to hear more about what others have learned from one or more elders in their lives.  We can get to specifics but I'll start with an outline of life lessons I learned from my grandparents and mother.  I think most are pretty self explanatory but I'll be glad to explain any if needed.  My grandmother especially had a one-liner for just about any circumstance that when pondered upon had a lesson in it.  Some of these have developed a bit of me in them over the years but all of them go back to my grandparents.

1.    Put down deep roots where you are planted
2.    Don’t waste anything
3.    Don’t judge (everyone and every creature is a result of the Creator's handiwork)
4.    Be resilient, be joyful (good things do come out of bad things.  Look for the silver linings)
5.    Don’t cry over spilled milk (if you have to whine, keep it short)
6.    Don’t put all your eggs in one basket (a.k.a. keep hard currency and always have a Plan B)
7.    Always lend a hand and willingly help.  Remember there but for grace go you
8.    Be a partner to nature (she is your only source of real wealth)
9.    Be a temple for the universal creator/creation (body, mind and spirit)
10.  Sit, relax, enjoy, laugh

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