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Wendy S. Delmater
By Wendy S. Delmater on Wed, Mar 20, 2013 - 9:13am

Adam Taggart is using a potato tower this year:



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Here are cross-posted instructions, along with a link to the WSID food-growing section .



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Adam Taggart
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Potato tower: encouraging preliminary results

A started a potato tower a month and half back. In theory, I should get somewhere near 100lbs of potatoes from this structure which only has a 2'x2' footprint in my garden.

After building the skeleton of the tower, I put seed potatoes in the first (bottom) box. About 2 weeks later, they began to send up green shoots.

Now they've grown to the point where I've had to add 2 more box levels:

                       Side view                                                                    Top view


So far so good!

I'll report back in late summer on whether the harvest is as abundant as promoted.

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Adam, what


What kind of potatoes did you plant in the tower? Your plants look healthy and robust.

I'll be starting my potatoes this week. I'm going to try two approaches. I'm going to use a tower with two out of three typesI have and the third will go into the ground under about 4-5" of woodchips which were placed in the garden last fall.

I'll look forward to your results!



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Cheap Alternatives


That is a nice, attractive design. As you add boxes, are you backfilling with regular soil, compost, or some mixture? Do you trim the leaves/stems or just bury as you build?

I have friends who have used old tires for this purpose. It is ugly and may not work in a hot climate, but the results were fantastic and a way to recycle old tires. To harvest, they would peel off a tire and collect the spuds, leaving the stack in place (and fresh) until the harvested spuds were eaten. Another option for the construction-challenged is to use white plastic 55 gallon barrels (with the top cut off and drainage holes drilled in the bottom.) Harvesting isn't as easy, but it is easier on the eyes.


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Adam Taggart
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Yukon Gold, German Butterball & French fingerlings

Lynne -

I planted Yukon Gold, German Butterball & French fingerlings. All seem to be growing well so far.

Good luck with your dual-approach this year. Let us know how they do!

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Adam Taggart
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Grover -

I'm just burying them (full disclosure: this is my first time doing this, so no learnings from previous seasons is involved here)

I've heard stacking old tires work great. Only concerns would be any chemicals leeching off of them and possible dirty looks from the neighbors :)

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I have heard some mixed reviews online of potato towers - how many pounds did you harvest in the end, Adam?  I would love if this works well, I have VERY limited space at home in the city right now.

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