Property Tax Rebate Program

By cbandi on Mon, Mar 18, 2013 - 3:27pm

Hi to all,

Here is the link (you may want to visit deeper links from the first page) regarding the Property Tax Rabate Program I mentioned.  It originated in Marlbobo, NJ.  CBS has already done a piece on it; there is a hyperlink to it too, but I haven't viewed it myself.

I chose the Patch page I did to give a small sense of my Oradell/River Edge (hence Riverdell) community (Scouting, etc.)

This past weekend helped me decide to "shelter in place" rather than moving just to get more space for gardening. I will work to overcome the limitations of my plot size and work up a strategy to use the numerous local community groups and the local access cable station to open some minds, where possible.

I'm keeping my legacy username for now as it is the same as my email address ([email protected]).  I may change it at another time.

Last, the phone number on the attendance list is actually my cell.  As a day sleeper I like to have that phone with me when sleeping for emergency contact only.  Please note instead my actual home number: 201-265-2762.  It is silenced in the bedroom so if you don't get me you can leave a message.

Your Northern New Jersey "thrivist",

David Bandfield



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Creativity unleashed


I was transfixed when you and Casey (?) presented this information at the conference.  Mostly I was floored by the unlimited creativity unleashed when people face challenges to their prosperity.  I could not keep up with the many websites/books/references which folks shared. 

I hold a deep respect and hope in the depths of the human spirit.  Contrast that with the fatalistic rhetoric from Washington -- latest example is sequestration -- we can put a man on the moon, but we can't figure out how to smartly refine our budget in order to run programs with a slight degradation of staffing. It's disheartening. 

~ So its disgust on one hand replaced by optimism that We The People get it. 

One thing I don't quite get, tho' -- a general blog protocol question -- Ben Franklin used a nom de plume to cover his devisive voice as Silence Dogood.  He was 16 and would have faced serious repurcussions from his father as just a lad apprentice.  Fast forward about 60 years and our Founding Fathers gave us the example of bold autographs -- including an aged Ben -- when making their voice known...and they knew their necks were on the line when they signed.

So I find the screen name and the conference name a bit of a distraction to my desire to dive deeper into the relationships that matter.  I think we all know "Three Beers" because of the comic outburst, but beyond that the energy of meeting & greeting conference style (I fear) is watered down by reversion to our screen names.  I guess I just lack the face-to-screen name connection.  Perhaps I need some schooling on internet anomonimity, but using this whole trail name aka 'nom de plume' is a hurdle I'll have to overcome to sort thru who's who, etc.  Reckon that will come with time.   

Cheers ~ thanks for the great post. 



San Antonio, Texas

PS. Arrived home to 93 degrees on the mercury.  How depressing! 



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action steps

I liked the sound of this idea and took some time today to figure out where to communicate it - my local Chamber of Commerce (& local bank) of course!

Here's my message:

Hi Terry and Ann Marie,

I left you a message/talked with you today about a new system developed in Marlboro, NJ and spreading to other towns, where folks who buy from merchants within their town receive a property tax credit for 10% of the purchase price that is applied to their local property taxes.
I don't really know anything about this program, but it sounded like it might be a good idea for Simsbury so I had to pass it along to someone.
Here is a Patch article about it:
Here is the town's explanation:
I hope it is helpful to Simsbury and all her residents!
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IDing conference attendees

Good points Dan.  I've added my picture and hope that helps.


-David Bandfield

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Any local business

Thanks for posting more details on the program.  But I am curious, what qualifies a business as local. Would you get a tax discount if you shopped at your "local" Walmart?  Does the business owner need to reside with the town?  How does that work?

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Link to FAQ, Marlboro Property Tax REWARD Program

So Treebeard, any business within the borders of the town is considered local.

Walmart would count, but they probably wouldn't participate: corporate HQ resists this. Same with franchises.  They can participate but may find difficulties convincing the franchisor to allow it. Thus it tends to self-select to the truly local merchants.

Owners do not need to be residents of the town.

Also, a merchant could choose to offer a one-time specific amount, say $50 off registration for ballet lessons, rather than a percentage.

Here is a link to Marlboro's FAQ:

BTW, they have a pretty good looking wesite.

More to come on this.


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Thanks for the additional information, I will check out the link.

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Thanks so much for telling us about this!

I just posted a thorough little article about it on our local online discussion/news board ( and hope that someone will take up the idea and run with it.  It's a timely discussion, following an earlier discussion this week about how much business our VT town loses when locals hop the border to NH (no sales tax) or MA to spend their money and "save a buck" -- and how much that "lost buck" costs our town/state.  We'll see what happens!  I love the idea and if enough local businesses participated, it would certainly get me to think twice about shopping anywhere else.  Property taxes are rising here, and the attractiveness of a property tax break is something I think everyone around can relate to.

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