Spring is here

By treebeard on Sun, Mar 17, 2013 - 4:48pm

I have purchased a lot of seeds, more than I will probably need, mininum package size for some crops are more than I can plant.  If you are in the Litchfield area, let me know and we can do a seed exchange.

I also have raspberries that spread like mad, later in the spring if you want some, I can give away a few.


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Lots of seeds

Hey Treebeard,

Wish I would have seen this earlier. I had almost forgotten about this group I started waiting for the first person to join so there would be someone to talk to. Glad your here now we need a topic.

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How about how to form a community of like minded people, that meet in person, not just chatter on line.  It was great to meet some of the other site members at Rowe.  I'm part of the transition town movement up here in litchfield.  It would be nice to do more, but my plate is already full.

How do you build resilience in real time, how do you build real community besides joining an intentional community or some such thing.  Is it possible to live with one leg in each world, one the future and one in the past?  At what point does it tear you apart?

To quote EE Cummings, "Tomorrow is our permanent address and there they'll scarcely find us, if they do well move away still further into now".  How do we get there?

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Esp. if you're "E" averse, PP.com is a place to lurk early and late while the farm is a place to work. ssadly, i know no person or groups whose world view runs parallel to mine other than the "E"fluent crowd esp here @PP.com.

the robinsons, a farming family in south central VA

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