Software tracks people via social media – Wanted by FBI

By Travlin on Sat, Mar 16, 2013 - 12:14am

Software tracks people via social media
*  It’s like Google for spies.
*  It tracks movements and predicts future behavior by mining social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.
*  It captures your photos, friends, movements, interests, and maps your communication network and locations.
*  “Raytheon says it has not sold the software – named Riot, or Rapid Information Overlay Technology – to any clients.  But the technology was shared with US government and industry as part of a joint research and development effort, in 2010 …”
Read more at The Guardian.
See video demonstration by Raytheon.

Wanted by the FBI
In January 2012 the FBI sought help to develop a social-media mining system to, “monitor adversarial situations; locate bad actors or groups and analyze their movements, vulnerabilities, limitations, and possible adverse actions; predict likely developments or future actions taken by bad actors; and develop databases on the information gathered from social media sites.”
Read more at Info Security.

What does it take to be labeled a “bad actor”?  How does this make you feel?  Safer?


PS – Here is an insightful comment I found elsewhere, “Turns out Big Brother doesn't need to watch everyone ... people will willingly set up the view screens themselves.



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Uncle Snoop’s long nose

“Any time that you have to worry about the federal government following you around peering over your shoulder listening to what you’re saying, it’s going to affect the way you speak and the way that you act,’’ McCall said.

Ginger McCall, director of the open government project at the Washington, D.C. based Electronic Privacy Information Center

Another good article about the federal government’s plans to monitor your use of social media.


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Face Book Incorporated (FBI)

One option, delete social media accounts.  Bu-bye facebook, twitter, google, etc.  You can't eliminate your online footprint, but you can minimize it.  Did it last year across the board, and I can't say I miss them.  Guess that's a form of self-censorship though.

As a law-abiding "good guy", it pisses me off that my hard earned tax dollars are being wasted on this massive online surveillance and the 10 (no joke) different cameras at the nearest intersection.  Oh wait, I didn't earn those tax dollars, some just clicked Control-P and made them out of thin mistake. Who the f### is so paranoid that they need to watch an intersection from 10 different angles???

I put "good guy" in quotes as it seems to be all relative at this point. As someone who believes in the rule-of-law, accountability, personal responsibility and that pesky "Constitution" document wonders.

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