bitcoin problem - blockchain fork - solution in place

By snafui on Mon, Mar 11, 2013 - 8:46pm

A major problem with bitcoin was discovered Monday 3/11. The new version of the software (version 0.8) created an incompatibility with bitcoin mining. My understanding is clients mining using version 0.8 created an incompatible blockchain with version 0.7. The solution is for folks who are mining to revert to 0.7 and in a short time the 0.7 chain should resume being the dominate chain. Near-live updates are showing up here:


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This will be interesting to watch Snafui...

Does not sound like a fatal error..  sounds like the Bitcoin org does not have adequate software QA procedures though before releasing updates into the wild.  Anyway, price dropping pretty hard tonight.. buying opportunity????  I think so.  High today was $48, and it looks like we could drop into the $30's. Hmmmmmmmmm   

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My thoughts exactly about the QA and buying opportunity.

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