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By budwood on Mon, Mar 11, 2013 - 1:02am

Perhaps there may be some common ideas which might be shared.  With a small number of members, it may be difficult to get any consistant thoughts,

I live in Waikoloa Beach, which is a somewhat restricting area in what I can do.  However, I am growing some bean plants and tomatoe plants and peppers in pots.  A small start, but a start.


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Vertical gardening?


Is anyone doing vertical gardening?

I am on a very small lot, with taller houses around me, so I'm wanting to maximize vertical space use. Still in the planning phase. Curious what others might be doing in this arena, what vertical systems you're using, and what plants you've selected. Also interested whether any of us have tried aquaponics.

Mahalo for any information you might want to share.

All the best,


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Vertical Gardening

If you are intending to vertical gardening in the city, I'd suggest something others don't recognize as food. H

ow about Kudzu?Runner Beans? Muscadine grapes? Three-leafed passionfruit (no parts poisonous: the incarnata)? Then what about trees? The mulberry grows fast; so does the black cherry.


Under your house you can cultivate mushrooms...













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Hi Michael, Thanks for

Hi Michael,

Thanks for weighing in. Your suggestion about "something others don't recognize as food" is certainly an interesting one for the Hawaiian islands. At least where we live, everyone has fruit-bearing trees in their yards, and a lot of it is unfenced. Hopefully aloha spirit will guide us all thru the eventuality you allude to (but I doubt it).

I'm actually resorting to vertical gardening here because the soil is so rich, and the rainfall so frequent, that  everything grows quickly out of control.  The yard is so small that the trees we do have go from denuded trunks back to overhanging in the neighbors' yard and dropping fruit out into the street in about a year. I have jasmine and ti plants out of control in the existing space; can't get all the roots up without resorting to extreme mechanical or chemical means, and I haven't the maneuvering room or the will to do those.  (Such troubles, I know. Even with some clever netting to catch what's falling, we literally can't keep up with it, while doing our day jobs.)

I do like the orchard idea, above problems notwithstanding. After I get some of the old, large trees out of the way, I will be putting in some smaller footprint, more manageable trees like bananas and papaya. Hoping I can get some citrus to grow in pots, too. (Trying to stay with local species as much as possible.)

Love the mushroom idea, if I can find a local, relatively heat-tolerant variety; there are some shady, wet spots that I hope might work. Passion fruit is a great idea, if I can keep it from engulfing us.  Thanks again.



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