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By DougD8046 on Wed, Mar 6, 2013 - 8:35pm

I'm from Kentucky and currently live in central Ohio.  I have family in Houston and was there for the week following hurricane Ike almost 5 years ago, and I was quite impressed with the Mayor (I think) of Houston and the county judge of Galveston County.  I really like Texas' attitudes about self reliance - Texas takes care of Texans.  I like the fact that Texas has it's own power grid and doesn't need to rely on the federal government.

All in all, I think Texas is a place I'd like to be, especially when the economy goes bad.  I'm interested in eastern Texas, but I'm open to suggestions.  I'm thinking about the Lufkin area - it's not particularly near to interstate highways, and is about as far away from large cities as is possible in areas with any hills and trees.

I also have family in Kentucky, so moving to Texas won't be an easy decision.  Any ideas, suggestions??

In addition to moving/community, I'm interested in prepping, gold/silver, gardening -- generally increasing resiliency.  I currently live in the suburbs, where most prepping activities are restricted -- no gardens etc.


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Just moved to Texas last month

Hi Doug,

I just moved to Texas (from California). I am presently in Austin but plan to move about 30 miles east to the Elgin/Bastrop area. My impressions so far (of course my impressions as someone from California will differ from someone from Kentucky): not much the nanny state, more everyday freedoms (mundane things like speed limits, where you can drink alcohol etc), people are more independent minded. I also am impressed with the self-reliant attitude here. 

I have been shopping for property and at least around these parts (East of Austin), there aren't a whole lot of options that are "unrestricted" (e.g. where I can build any kind of structure I want, go off grid, etc) but they do exist and, no doubt, in far greater numbers than they do in California. 

On the other hand, I am disappointed there aren't more "communities" formed on Meetup, etc. of folks interested in building a resilient life. Exhibit One: your group is the only Texas group on this site. There are a lot of people though who are involved in sustainable/organic farming, backyard and larger (On that note, Austin, like Portland and a few other cities, has supported backyard farming in a pretty big way - that's if you don't have an HOA that restricts it.) And lots of interest in aquaponics too. I suspect there are a lot of  under-the-radar preppers out here also (although Idaho/Utah/Montana area probably has more). You probably already know of Jack Spirko (Survival Podcast) but if not, he would be a great resource for you, especially since he just moved back to Texas.  

I really don't have a lot of useful info since I have been here only one month. But I can say this: It took me about three years of thinking before I finally got the gumption to move and thus far I don't regret the move at all!  (btw, I loved where I lived in CA - I had to force myself to move in the interest of listening to what my "gut" was telling me about the future - one of those "trust yourself" acts that Chris talks about.)  One caveat: the drought.

All the best,


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Also just moved to TX last month


I agree with Lisa, freedom is pretty nice to experience!  We are looking to buy NW of Austin due to proximity to activities. Want our teenage kids to be able to enjoy and extract skills from the collective while it lasts.  Looked at a place in the county the other day and learned that you are free to target shoot in your yard!?!  Not a bow or pellet gun.... rifle, pistol whatever!  Just not used to being looked at as a responsible human.... 

I can't help you much either at this point but it has taken us years to finally decide on this area.  Drought is a problem especially for people with shallow wells SW of Austin.  We also wanted to be as self sufficient as possible so a well and septic are required.  We will probably go grid tie for solar but that will be decided after we buy a place.  Hope we can get some food growing in the summer heat..... there are plenty of resources available to speed up the learning curve.

Good luck in your search... enjoy the process!



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Texas Tips

Try looking into New Braunfels or San Marcos.  My personal favorites growning up in the Lone Star State.  Good luck!  wink  And don't forget to try a "Whataburger" w/ fries, mmmmm......

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land search

Just curious, did either of you find the land you want yet? We were looking in the Brenham area, but just couldn't pull the trigger on that one.

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Texas eco community

Hi all,

I've lived in The Woodlands, Texas since 1989.  After Katrina, I went back and forth to New Orleans buying, fixing and flipping houses. Started to build net zero houses in Louisiana and have shut down my business there and am looking to redirect my efforts to build a small resilient community in Montgomery County (North of Houston).

I'm currently interested in building net zero small houses, biogas, solar and wind energy systems for power, permaculture and large scale green house for food and salable products and expanding a current fab shop to start production of resilient products.

If anyone is interested in learning more or participating, I also have a Meet Up in the Woodlands for Energy Efficient Tiny Houses.

I look forward to hearing about other people's progress as outlined above.

Thanks and good luck everyone.

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