Brattleboro Resilient Life Happy Hour -- 6pm at McNeill's on Elliot Street

Amanda Witman
By Amanda Witman on Fri, Feb 22, 2013 - 5:50pm

Looks like there will be "at least" three of us -- hope others will surprise us and join us there!  See you soon.


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Amanda Witman
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Let's just say...

...we might hope for better turnout next time...and leave it at that.  wink  How about we try again sometime later this year?  Gillbilly might even join us.

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Re: Let's Just Say

How about during Mud Season for the next meeting.  But for the record, I am always open for a Happy Hour...

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Will do

Count me in at some point, schedule is crazy the next couple months, but definitely when summer comes.

Thank You

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