WANTED: fiddle/violin, mandolin, ukulele

Amanda Witman
By Amanda Witman on Thu, Feb 21, 2013 - 11:09pm

This is a long shot, I'm sure, but I "need" to acquire a few more musical instruments for my very musical kids (and self).  We've grown into recognizable fixtures in our local music community, and it's my hope that our age-blind, inclusive leadership has helped to inspire others' confidence and willingness to share. 

I love playing traditional acoustic music with people locally.  It's enjoyable for both players and listeners, it's totally non-electric, it can be used to help facilitate dancing (joy and exercise and community), it brings people together, and when it's thoughtfully approached, it breaks down barriers and allows people of all ages and abilities to share something meaningful.

One of the joys of our new home is the large porch on a quiet street, and neighbors who welcome the sound of live music!  I am hoping we'll get some porch jamming in this summer.

That said, I need another full-sized fiddle (or violin -- they are the same thing).  I need a ukelele for my youngest, who is passionate about learning this instrument but needs one to begin learning on.  And I would like to own a decent mandolin; my oldest has proven himself to be an apt multi-instrumentalist and a fine mandolinist when he's had a chance to borrow one, but we do not own one.  Although some of us play multiple instruments, we often pass around the ones that are not being played, so visitors have something to play if they didn't bring their own.  I believe in facilitating community participation. 

Even if the lights go out, the economy fails, or TSHTF, I commit to personally ensuring that there will be music and singing and dancing in my community, and my family and I will see to it that these traditions will be taught to others and carried down the generations.  Fortunately, I'm not the only musician in town who shares this vision.  I believe a resilient community needs an established source of fun, active, creative, musical recreation.

So if anyone out there has a good full-sized (aka 4/4) fiddle or violin (we could greatly benefit from having two; we currently have one to share among the three of us who play), a decent mandolin, or a ukelele that are not being played and would be available for loving adoption, please let me know.  I will gladly pay shipping for these items.  You can send me a PM by clicking on my name (above) or send me an email here.

(Those of you who have been here for awhile and read my posts will understand that I don't have the resources to simply buy these sorts of things, not even as an "investment."  I've already asked around locally, which is how we got the one fiddle we have, but freebies are scarce.)

As Winter thaws and Spring warms and blooms, I'll be cleaning out our garage/cellar/attic and will plan to post whatever I find that I can share.  I look forward to seeing this group thrive to whatever extent it can.  Thanks.

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