gold silver versus others

By letitbe on Wed, Feb 20, 2013 - 11:48am

??? question is have we missed any other ways to hold gold and silver. We sold all our GLD and SLV a year ago since we simply dont trust it ??

We invest around 25% of our assets in gold and silver in various ways. Most of our silver is owned via bullian vault in allocated bars in London. We have some silver coins only stored in Hong Kong via gold silver and have HSBC Hong Kong London loco gold (which im sure does not exist). MOst of our gold is help in physical at home and some silver since we live in Asia premiums for real physical gold are really low at around 1/2% over spot and theirs a gold dealer on ervery corner.

Problemn with gold silver and dealers likke them is margin is around 8-10% so its very expensive. Bullion vault is much better with around 1-2% margin but if you want to get your gold or silver its impracticable and very expensive. Gold Silver I did fly ot HOng Kong to check I could easily get my physical and it proved simple easy and no cost. HSBC HOng Kong London Loco gold has lowest possible margin and no storage costs but its paper only and cant possibly exist or margins would be higher and their owuld be storage costs. However we hold it instead of any cash in case we need funds since we can sell on line immediately and convert to any major currency and transfer to anywhere in world in seconds using HSBC global view (which we find brilliant). Physical we hold at home in a safe has risks of theft and since we live in a country that could have severe political problems theirm ight be difficulty getting it out although selling is very easy at only around 1/2% buy/sell spread.   




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