Best foods for Flu recovery.

By jasonw on Tue, Feb 19, 2013 - 8:46pm

While I suffer in bed with my laptop and a nasty case of the flu (thank you my lovely children) - I thought it be wise to draw upon the collective wisdom of the group and see what everyone's recommendations are for foods that help one recover from illness and severe colds and flu. 

I am currently drinking herbatussin tea, bone broth and some fresh made chicken and veggie soup (carrots, leeks, kale, garlic). 

So what works for other folks?

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A few ideas

Miso soup broth is great for adding probiotics into the gut, and it's tasty -- just stir a glop of miso into a cup or bowl of water that was previously boiled and slightly cooled but still hot.  Do not boil the miso itself, because you don't want to kill the good guys in it. 

Homemade lemonade with maple syrup (equal parts lemon juice and syrup) -- make with warm water, and add a pinch of cayenne or some ginger if desired, and a few drops of grapefruit seed extract if you have it on hand. 

Lots of garlic.  Sometimes I make potato/onion/garlic soup where I add a ton of fresh garlic right at the end of cooking.  Dark greens are a good idea, too, and I'd puree them into the soup if digestion has been...compromised. 

I see you have chicken soup on your list.  Some people swear by matzoh balls in the soup; that's up to you. 

I'd stick with warm (not extremely hot) liquids and foods, and be sure to keep your body warm.

Also, when possible, have someone else do the cooking and bring the food to you!

Take good care and I hope you're back to yourself soon.

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