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Lester Freamon
By Lester Freamon on Fri, Feb 15, 2013 - 1:32pm

Hi. I just joined the group a few moments ago and am curious if anyone has had experience with the Tower Garden aeroponics system (link to video below). A friend of mine just bought one, and I've been thinking of doing the same. I don't have the land for a conventional garden, so this seemed like a possible next-best-option, especially for only a few hundred bucks. Anybody have endorsements? Words of caution? Both? I didn't see any previous posts on this, nor did a search for Tower Garden from the main PP page turn up any relevant discussion. Nevertheless, if the issue's been covered elsewhere, and I just missed it, my apologies (and please direct me to the thread).

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this is the first we've seen it

That's a new one on us; there's nothing on it in the archives. I just watched the video. Then I visited their website. $500 for the basic kit, and I guess you'd need to buy stuff to keep it running. What concerns me is that The Tower Garden does not sound affordable for the average person, nor does it sound sustainable if you need chemicals and electricty to keep it running. While it sounds like a lovely alterntive for urban hobbyist gardeners, from what I can see it will provide very little food for the money.

What we do have in the Forum archives are an HUGE agriculture/permaculture thread, and threads on aquaponics, square foot gardening, and seeds. We also have other Groups that handle biointensive gardening and raising chickens.'s picture
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garden towers


We bought the Flower Tower,  it is a free standing tower that provides an easy to grow, low-maintenance column of blooming colour that was perfect for us as we enjoy patio and balcony living,  it's a UK invention is and allows flower lovers  to produce spectacular portable displays of colour. it has an internal watering system which converts minimum water to maximum growth. It ensures even distribution of water and feed throughout the tower, creating an even bloom from top to bottom. We got it fomr QVC.  but you can see it at:


hope this helps...

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