Cyber Attack on King World News

Keyser Soze
By Keyser Soze on Sat, Feb 9, 2013 - 8:12am

The Cyber attack on King World News yesterday is scary- clearly someone does not like people learning the truth about gold and silver. Does anyone have any details regarding the safety of visiting the site?


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cyber attack King World News

It does seem strange that KWN would be attacked.  Who benefits from discouraging people from visiting a gold and silver news website?  We can suspect (and I do) but it's unlikely that we'll ever know of the origin of this attack

I have a Mac, so I'm not worried about viruses, but I would like to be able to access the site.  Oh well.

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KingWorldNews Blocked

Apparently someone reported KWN to Google as a dangerous site, which then caused browsers which reference Google's Malware Database to resist allowing going there.  I was able to bypass the warnings and declare the site to be safe.  I run Norton Internet Security Suite on my computers, and it will mark websites that appear in a Google search as being safe. Here is what I get for KWN.

So Yes, KWN is safe.

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Blocking of KWN Continues

This "attack" on King World News is ongoing, but as THIS LINK to NortonSecurity shows, there is no malware on the site.  Just click the "Ignore this warning" or "Go to site anyway" buttons to get past the blocking pages that come up as a result of Google's Malware database containing incorrect info about KWN. I also click the Firefox button saying "This is NOT a malware site."

I'm starting to wonder if Google itself isn't in on this.  By now, they should have been able to determine that whoever reported KWN as a malware site is screwing with KWN.

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response from Erik King

I reached out to Erik, letting him know there are folks here who are concerned about the hack on his site. Here's his reply:

King World News Responds To Attack On Its Internet Site

Powerful entities do not want our global audience to have access to the material that King World News provides.  Each time KWN releases an interview from certain key sources, our internet site is attacked.  This is the war that King World News has been fighting behind the scenes on the Internet.  

At this time I have decided to break my silence on this subject because of concerns that the latest events could be part of a much broader effort to suppress content on the Internet.  The Internet must remain a place for free speech and free inquiry, let's hope it stays that way.

KWN is protected by the top company in the world in this area and they now have us online with no malware and no problems.  If you have been to the KWN Internet site in the past 48 hours, please erase the cookies and cache in your Internet browser and start fresh.

We have two incredible interviews with Eric Sprott and Art Cashin on King World News this weekend.  

From all of us at King World News we would like to thank all of the readers and listeners for their patience, and the many sites around the world that reached out to assist KWN.  With your help we fight on.

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Update on KWN Google Block

The KWN webmaster (Bryan) tells me that Google is no longer blocking KWN. 

If you get the "Dangerous Site" messages, just clear your cache. 

In Firefox, go to Tools/Options/Advanced/Network and under "Cached Web Content" click the Clear Now button.

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SGTreport is back to being blocked

Things getting more Orwellian by the day or what? 

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False Alert Block on SGTReport

Same story as KWN.  Here is the link that shows that is safe.  Yet Google's Malware Database and Firefox still report "This site may harm your computer", when you Google sgtreport.

Once you have followed the link above to satisfy yourself that is safe, just follow the same procedures I outlined in my posts above to get to sgtreport.

Is that PTB desperation I smell wafting through the internet?

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