Red Ranger Meat Birds

By jasonw on Wed, Jan 30, 2013 - 6:53pm

Anybody have any experience with raising Red Ranger chickens for meat birds?  Looking to raise another batch this spring but want to take a break from the heritage breeds (turkens, delawares) we tried last year.  Feed conversion was a bit to costly and the birds in the freezer just are not the best for roasted chicken dinners.  Making some great stock and soups though?  We don't want to raise the commercial Cornish X because they seem to have way to many problems.  And after helping friends process way overdue birds (14 weeks, 13+ lbs, Gross Frankenchickens)

Red Ranger seems to be in the middle.  Thoughts?


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Red Rangers

Haven't tried them but I liked what I read about them at a couple sites.  Let us know how they do!

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Red Rangers

I started out with 30 Red Rangers last spring.  I lost 3 along the way and processed them at 14 weeks.  They weighed in at 8-10 pounds.  Really tender and tasty.  I am planning to get another 30 this year.  I have raised Cornish crosses in the past, and RR are much more like what a chicken should be.  Takes longer to get to weight, but they did well in the mobile pens.  I moved them 2x a day. 

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Thanks for the feedback...

We have decided to give them a try.  Will be placing our order in about a month.  Will start with 25 and see how they do.  Will probably process in 3 batches at 12, 13 and 14 weeks.  Wish us luck.  Farming sure does seem to need it at times. 

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