Chickens won't stay in the coop

By Woodman on Sat, Jan 26, 2013 - 11:33pm

I've go two araucanas/americanas that won't go to roost in the coop.  They fly over the fence and stay in a pine tree I think.  Some mornings they show up waiting for me to open the coop so they can get some food. Even with single digit temps they would rather stay outside.    Anyone else have this happen?  I'm afraid a predator will get them one night soon.  


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String or fishline?

Tom -

I've never had a chicken that preferred a tree roost vs staying in the coop, so I can't advise you from actual experience. But that won't stop me from trying :)

Since the birds "fly over the fence" I'm assuming your chicken run doesn't have a roof over it. If that's indeed the case and you don't want to add one, have you considered running string or fishline across the top?

Doing so would prevent the birds from being able to fly out, yet still preserve the "open" top. It would also prevent raptors from flying in. All for the cost of a few bucks.

Or even cheaper would be to clip your chickens' wings with scissors. That should keep them from being able to clear the fence.

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Had a naked neck hen always hopping the fence..

Turken hen kept flying over the 7' fence around the coop (likes to lay eggs in the goat shelter) and we then tried clipping the wings.  Took 2 trimming but seemed to work pretty well.  Hen is where she needs to be now.  Hope this helps.

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Clip One wing

Then if they try to fly they are out of balance and fail.

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+1 for clipping the wings.

+1 for clipping the wings. Actually, you only have to do 1 wing on each bird.

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