Lester Freamon
By Lester Freamon on Thu, Jan 24, 2013 - 10:43pm

Okay, Peak Prosperity devotees in South Florida. I know you're out there. So where do you live, what are your most pressing resiliency-related concerns, and what steps are you taking/have you taken to meet these? What sort of crops have you successfully planted in our unique climate? How are you keeping energy costs down during our sweltering summers? Has anyone had success building or retrofitting bio-diesel vehicles to run on our South Florida roads? What new jobs or careers are you pondering that are better insulated from the economic, environmental, and energy vulnerabilities we're facing? How are you staying physically and emotionally fit? What steps are you taking to increase your personal security? What are you doing (aside from reading this site) to form closer, more meaningful relationships? How are you dealing with friends, family, or partners who don't share your worldview and/or think you've lost it? Are you stacking gold and silver? Are you invested in other tangible assets? Anyone have experience owning/investing in farmland here? What are your short- and long-term strategies for dealing with a potential currency or market collapse? Anyone harvesting rain water? Drilling wells? Installing solar panels? Lots of questions, I know. More than there are answers. But together, perhaps, we can take some steps toward addressing the most urgent and intractable of these. Would love to hear what's on your mind.



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joined your group even if no one is in it becuase i want answers to those questions and more

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Thanks for joining, Tony. I

Thanks for joining, Tony. I just created the group last night, so it might take a while to build some steam. Right now, when I type my zip code into the search field, nothing happens. I'm sure if I can find a way to fix this functionality, far more PP users will stumble upon us. Two questions: how did you happen to find the group? Also, whereabouts are you (more or less)? 

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Hi everyone. I'm new. I

Hi everyone. I'm new. I realize the group is very inactive so let's get some discussions going.

I live in West fort Lauderdale. I have been preparing for some time now. I believe we are heading into a economic calamity that the world has never witnessed. I think many people will adapt quickly and others will suffer great misfortune. The preperations I've made are the following :

I've learned how to operate a ham radio for communications. I've stocked up a small amount of food and precious metals. I've been trying to learn how to grow food but I've still got a long way to go. I've been researching ways to become more efficient and self sustainable. I plan to reduce my energy costs in several different ways which include reducing overall use of energy and becoming more knowledgeable about harnessing renewable energy. I'd like to improve my sense of community but I'm not currently a part of any groups of like minded thinkers and would like to change that.

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