Friday night dinner

By jasonw on Fri, Jan 11, 2013 - 5:46pm

End of the work week and a long day of work.  What is on the menu for dinner tonight?  What are you putting on your healthy table? 

As an example, dinner for my family tonight consists of the following:

Best Tacos Ever!

- Slow roasted pork sholder (pulled pork) cooked in homemade mild 5 pepper salsa (from the garden), onion: 3 hours in the oven
- Sprouted corn tortillas cooked in coconut oil
- Simple spiced spanish rice for scratch (white basmati, tomatoes onion, spices)
- Arrugala for greens, jack cheese, and a bit of sour cream. 

There is only about a half hour of active cooking time invovled.  Worst part is the dishes. 

So what are you cooking tonight?

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Let's see.  This evening we had stir-fried steak strips (locally raised beef) with spinach and millet.  Last night we had sliced/fried sausages with brown rice and frozen peas, and the night before we had soup with vegetables and beef (with some leftover pasta thrown in to use it up.)  The "picky" had sausages and raw carrots on soup night.

"Simple" is the name of the game in our house.  Also "modular," meaning a meal made of components that can be eaten plain or mixed together (for the pickies and foodies alike).

Other meals on our rotating menu:

  • homemade pizza - top with anything in season
  • hamburgers (kids favorite, a real treat; locally raised beef)
  • french toast or "breakfast for dinner"
  • taco salad or "salad for dinner"
  • rice-n-stuff (protein + veg + brown rice + tamari) - infinitely variable
  • soup or stew - also infinitely variable
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Love talking Food


OK, Super Bowl Sunday so a fast of sort tonight and tomorrow but then:

I will take fresh raw lamb, mixing in a good bit of soaked (hours before) wheat, and Lebanese spice and mix together. I will have washed my hands and rinsed repeatedly in cold water in a large bowl having added ice to keep my hands very cold.. When finsihed I will have about.3 pounds of kibbee. meant to feed 8. It will not last the day. Gauranteed.

I will set this aside about an hour in the refrigerator until dinner. It will keep for a couple of days as left overs. If it last the day I will be shocked.

Amenities will include fresh and whole fat yogurt, white.

Raw Onion (summers garden)


Toubulee (homeade)

Grape leaves wrapped with the neighbors grape vine leaves, and soaked in a jar from summers end. After making home made grape leaves I will pot with water and beef shakes to allow steam and aroma to break down the leaves and cook the rice. My Mother taught me this and I am here to tell you eating 25 of these are NOT difficult.

Cabbage rolls ( my Lady's family receipe and to die for)

Peta bread

The preferred method and totally barbaric method of eating is with you fingures and aggressively stabbing at the fare with the Peta bread. NO utensils are required.Saunders Hot Fudge Sundaes for a treat. Stroh's Ice Cream

Lord knows I absolutely love everything mentioned.

Oops, forgot, Olive Oil smothering the kibbee.


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Amanda Witman
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Well, I'm having dinner at my sister's house

But the kids are away this weekend with their dad, which means it is USE UP THE LEFTOVERS time.  This morning for breakfast I had leftover smoothie mixed with locally made granola.  For lunch, I had leftover bits of meat from last night's hamburgers/meatballs.  I suspect there will be applesauce, peapods, cabbage, and green beans in my weekend future...

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I am having creative "mush"

As I am currently recovering from corrective jaw surgery I am on a liquid diet for a month sad

But this does not mean boring! My food processor is my new best friend and we are having fun making all kinds of nifty creations! And best of all, I get to use lots of the dried & frozen veggies and fruit from my garden that I put down last fall. How good it that?!? The kale, as a superfood, is figuring prominently as an addition to almost all smoothies. Gotta love kale!

For breakfast today I had french toast liquified with maple syrup and soy milk, with a coconut pineapple smoothie on the side. Zowee, that was good!

Lunch will be a liquid salad - kale, tomato, cuke, black olives, olive oil & salad dressing into the processor we go. (looks gross but tastes great!)

For dinner I need to get some meat protein into me so I will put some ham in my macaroni and cheese and whip it all together with enough salsa to make it liquidy.

I think I will have to write these creations down and try to sell them to the orthodontist! laugh That will help pay the bill for his services!

Bon appetit!


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Adam Taggart
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'Slow food' Friday

Almost all of tonight's meal will be sourced from a < 5-mile radius.

We're planning quiche, since our hens have finally started laying again (hooray!)

To our own eggs, we'll be adding veggies (leeks, potatoes, herbs) grown from a CSA farm down the road. We just joined and are loving the freshness and variety.

We'll add some ground beef from locally-raised grass-fed cattle and use milk and cheese from nearby dairies.

But we'll cheat with the crust; tonight's will be store-bought.

We're not able to eat this "slow" every meal (yet), but we're trying!

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Wendy S. Delmater
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using up canned goods

I plan out my menus for a week in advanace, based on what's in season or on sale. We live really close to Florida, so they truck in veggies but we try to use up our home-canned things right now for things like peach cobblers or pickles on lunch sandwiches. I'm giving you lunch and dinner items, so this is more than seven meals.

This week we had several meatless meals: refried bean tostadas with home canned salsa and jalapenos, stuffed baked local yams with cheese and late brocolli, and veggie pizza. Plus there were a slew of things made with bulk brown rice or barley.

The barley we made into a family favorie I call beef barley stew and the family calls "Alpo" (for how it looks the next day wink; still delicious.)  Local or home-grown celery, onions, and carrots go into that.

We used brown rice to make things like a base for Chinese pepper steak, Japanese teriyaki chicken with snow peas, and spicy Thai peanut-garlic chicken. All of these used green onions and snow peas from our still-producing garden. (The carrots and onions will be okay under the pine straw insulation, but the snow peas on their trellis may finally die tonight because we will have temps in the 20s F.)

Next week I have to use up the late cabbage and kale in my garden, to make room for new crops. Tonight I am planning a chicken curry with local potatoes and home-grown onions and carrots.


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Jan, I can relate

Many years ago I was unable to chew for six months and I loooooooooved my mini-food-processor.  Whizzed up things often looked terrible and tasted awesome

Two of my kids got braces last week, and so we had several days of soft food.  Pureed soups, smoothies, etc.  It was like a blast from the past, for me.  I even whizzed up some chicken salad for them, but they didn't like it as much as I did. 

Good can do this, and you will gain a new appreciation for texture in the process (no pun intended.)

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Leftover Prepper Chili

For dinner tonight - Bean and Pork Chili. 

Taking leftover frozen pulled pulled pork from the taco dinner, adding some more onion, peppers, homemade chicken stock, frozen roasted tomatoes and some soaked beans from the long term food storage (pint jar of pintos - thank you foodsaver jar sealer) - dinner should take about 10 minutes to make.  Finding room for the 4 extra jars on the self will be the difficult part.  Another good thing - lunch will be easy tomorrow. 

Having a great meal tonight everybody!

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Ro-Tel Marinara

Drawing from my 3 month deep pantry:

Marinara sauce made with bottled sauce and one of the 3 dozen cans of Ro-Tel tomatos in my pantry, dash of cayenne and hot sauce from my half gallon bottle of Paul Prudhomme hot sauce (19 bucks a gallon plus shipping). Add pasta. And Beer. And vegetarian meatballs (frozen).

Maybe not too sustainable with all the stuff from out of state but good!

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