Suggestions for Inaugural Meetup

By V2 on Wed, Jan 2, 2013 - 9:03pm

This is an open discussion for members to suggest easily accessible locations for a meetup. Please consider the wide range of places that people could be hailing from.


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Iron Hill Brewery - SJ

My suggestion is the Iron Hill Brewery off Kings Highway in Maple Shade. Reasons:

-Only 11 miles outside of Philly

-Easily accessed from major routes - 38, 70, 73

-GIANT red neon sign on top of building, making it almost impossible to miss

-Good atmosphere for a meeting - spacious interior with plenty of room between tables. A reservation should set us up well.

-Drinks might be a bit pricey, but probably less pricey than any city location

Whaddaya think?

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Suggestions from Philly Burbs

Copied from the main board per V2s request:


For me, an approximately 30 mile radius from downtown Philadelphia is what I would consider convenient. Of course, selfishly, as mentioned below I live in the Plymouth Meeting, PA area.
I would be will to drive as far as Trenton for a special occasion. Newark/ NYC is driveable but a special trip.
Just considering the title of the group, what about Philadelphia somewhere. Loews and the Downtown Marriot have nice hotel bars. There is the Independence Brew Pub nearby (kind of fits with the theme of the group). All close to the PA Convention Center and Suburban SEPTA station.


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Doable for Me

Doable for me.  I think it would be a nice environment, depends on how many attendees to know how much room we need etc.  Easy for 10-20 methinks.

I don't know where most Philly members live so it's hard to tell where the center of gravity is.

Could we take a quick poll and get general locations, if ok with folks (no details needed)

i.e.  Philly city, south Jersey Marleton area, way south Jersey, Princeton area, Mainline, Plymouth Meeting- Blue Bell, Upper Merion, KOP,  that level of detail would be helpful.

Take care,


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Meet up

I too would be up for  Iron Hill Brewery in Maple shade. I have been wanting to go there for a while now and I live not to far from there (palmyra nj).

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