Found an egg without a shell, have you had that?

By Whataworld on Mon, Dec 31, 2012 - 8:32pm

Hi everyone -- we've had our 9 chickens since early last summer, and despite the days getting shorter recently, at least 5 or 6 of our 8 hens are laying. Our 2 Golden Buffs each give us a nice rich brown shelled egg every morning, and until the past few days our Buff Orpington has been giving us a light brown one every couple of days. Our 2 Ameracuanas/Easter Eggers seem to be both be laying, at least Mamie is (she was Maybe when we thought she might be a rooster but happily she isn't). One or both of them are laying creamy off-white eggs. We have three other girls who are mysteries as to breed and they are laying white when they lay.

The other morning my husband went out to do chores and there was a frozen egg, not too surprising as we're having a cold winter here in Colorado and the coop is getting below freezing. But the oddity was that there was no shell at all. I vaguely remember reading someplace that this can happen with young hens at first, so maybe someone is getting on board. Any experience with this?


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Found an egg without a shell, have you had that?

Hi, Zana --

Finding an egg covered only by the membrane inside the shell (but not the shell itself) happens from time to time.  I grew up on a poultry farm, and found such eggs occasionally.

As I recall, the best way to deal with this situation is to be sure that the hens have enough calcium in their diet.  A common way to assure sufficient calcium is to feed the chickens oyster shell.  This supplements the calcium found in most commerical chicken feeds.  Commercial poultrymen feed it "free choice"; that is, they make it available in a feeder other than the one in which the basic chicken feed is offered.  I have chosen to add about 1/2 cup a day to the commercial chicken feed for my 40 hens; this seems to work well.  Oyster shell is usually available at most farm and ranch supply stores.

I hope this helps.  Best of luck...


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Egg without shell

I've had this occasionally happen too.  

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I got one better, a egg without a yoke !

One day my daughter frount a big egg, weighed in at 109 g , the next day she found  a small one that was only 35 ( both wayyyy off normal size for our chooks ) the big one was a double yoke, the small one had none. They too a photo of the frying pan.


As to the no shell bit, we get them on occasion and yes calcium. Oyster shell is expensive, we just use limestone. At first it might sound like an odd idea, but limestone is just OLD sea shells. And if you buy a bag of commercial layer pellets and read the ingreadients, it is probably listed there ( it was on a bag we brought once when we were short of feed )


Cheers Hamish

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Thanks, everyone! We are

Thanks, everyone! We are already using oyster shell. Won't worry about it unless it happens a bunch more.

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