Controversial Fur for Thought

By anomad on Sun, Dec 30, 2012 - 3:02pm


Hello Uk’ers,

I've been thinking of posting this for awhile and have finally found the time and courage to do so.


I’ve always been opposed to real fur but something changed last winter.  We had moved into a solid walled London house without a stitch of insulation (not yet remedied but will be).  I was bundled in my woolly jumpers and socks, slippers, etc and still felt the cold.  I blame it on the damp just getting too far into my bones.  At the time I came across a vintage clothing website advertising a fur stole and it was on sale.  The provenance of the fur was available too (1950s) because it had detail embroidered into the lining.  Somehow I hit the “Buy” button without really thinking about it too much.  

The result is one beautifully tailored fur stole which I wear inside whenever I’m going to be sitting for awhile.  It warms me within minutes.  In the spring I sat in my stole and watched many of the Jubilee specials on TV.  In the old films, the rich women were always in their furs and I understand why now.  Without central heating, a fur would have made moving away from the fireplace bearable!

I wanted to share this experience because many of you may be aware of a fur coat or stole tucked away for years in the back of a closet in your or some relations’ house.  It may be time to recycle and reuse it now as heating the house gets ever more expensive.  The coldest person in your house will be pleased with the result, believe me.

There is no need to buy new fur - thereby avoiding subjecting current animals to cruelty.  Vintage or used fur is available if you keep your eyes and ears open.  Some charity shops will display donated furs while others keep them in the back - you just need to ask.  The web has used/vintage furs for sale too but they seem expensive.

I hope my experience is of benefit to some of you.


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