Long Term Food Storage/Bulk Food Suppliers UK

Abu Hudhayfah
By Abu Hudhayfah on Sat, Dec 29, 2012 - 5:44am

Hello UK.

I thought I would start a discussion on Long Term food storage & Prepping, in an attempt to create a useful resource for people in UK.

This is just a starter to get people to add their useful information to the discussion and hopefully the response will be great. Please add any resource you feel will help with UK Prepping.

I found this site to be of great use if you want to know the shelf life of virtually any food ......



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Hi, here is a site which covers a vatiety of prepping goods from medical kits, to food & water purification. I have yet to purchase anything from them, however they seem to have a pretty decent selection of goods. http://evaq8.co.uk/EMERGENCY-KITS.html

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Prepping foods recommendation


For Prepping foods i found the Galaxy Foods Industries (http://www.galaxyfoodspk.com/) site trustworthy.

There food quality also good, i tried their Tomato ketchup and jams.



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