Getting a handgun in Spain

By Magnum03 on Tue, Dec 18, 2012 - 4:10pm

So I'm looking into getting a handgun here in Spain. I took the following of the Civil Guards homepage:


"The interested party shall state in the request the reasons which, in their opinion, justify the possession of a handgun, and the documents accompanying he thinks appropriate. The reason of defense of persons or property, by itself, does not justify the granting of the license B."
...besides recreational purposes - isn't that the reason to own a handgun?

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Reasons for getting a handgun in Spain

That's very funny Magnum03!  Bureaucratic thinking is always so illuminating.  So, they start by telling you the most basic reason for owning a firearm is not by itself enough of a reason to own one.  There are things you can do.  When I first moved to Philadelphia in 1988 and realized after being robbed for the first time that I needed a handgun I applied for a carry permit.  Back then I wasn't a police officer and there were less than 300 civilians with carry permits in the whole city of 1.5 million. Philadelphia at the time was operating under a "may issue" law, and they were very stingy (being a bastion of the East Coast liberal Democratic Party elite).  I had to deal with the same disclaimer: "Self-defense, by itself, was not a sufficient reason to be issued a permit."  So this is what I did.  On my permit I stated that I was responsible for the safety of our Church's cash offerings collected at services and getting them safely to the bank (which was true).  I also noted that our little church was too small to afford to hire armed security or to pay for an armored car service to pick up our deposits (also true).  That did the trick.  I got my permit.

You may have to provide a similar kind of rationale.  Have you been the victim of crime and has it been documented in police reports?  Have you been the victim of threats which have been documented in police reports (domestic threats from an ex-wife/husband for instance are particularly credible)?  Do you transport and protect cash or valuables?  Can you provide documentation of violent crimes where you live and/or work (newspaper and other media reports, police crime reports, etc.)?  

I don't know what the basic legal concepts are in Spain, but in America the right to keep and bear arms is allegedly a natural right, ordained by God if you will.  The whole idea of having to get a government permit to exercise such a right is ridiculous.  Imagine having to get a government permit to worship God, express a political opinion, gather in public or be tried in court by a jury of your peers!  Imagine further if the application stated something like this: "The desire to worship God is not by itself sufficient reason to receive a permit to worship God."  Or, "The desire to convince others of your political viewpoint is by itself not a sufficient reason to receive a permit to express your opinions."  Outrageous!!

Good luck!  I'd like to know how it turns out for you.


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