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Ken C
By Ken C on Sat, Dec 15, 2012 - 10:31am

Has anyone given any thought to why we are now seeing so many gold mining programs on TV

Gold Rush, Jungle Gold, Bering Sea Gold, Lost Treasure Hunters (beginning 12/23)

It seems to me that there is more interest in Gold now from Joe Sixpack than perhaps a few years ago.

Most of these shows have more emphasis on the drama than the reality but nevertheless it does seem to me that interest among the regular folk in gold is increasing. What do you think?


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I agree

I agree that this is a sign that gold is becoming OK (i.e., less whackadoodle) for mainstream audiences to talk about. 

Hoffman is now the star of Discovery Channel's "Gold Rush," the highest-rated Friday program on television. The show follows Hoffman and several other mining camps groups as they race through Alaska's fall gold mining season in search of "hitting paydirt," as the show's narrator famously intones.


Though I think this is still an early-stage signal. But mass awareness has to start somewhere...

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Its a sign of the times

I know people old and young that are super entertained by those shows. It comes up in conversation a lot.

It makes sense to me. I have the same attraction to adventure and it is different! I notice that outdoor sports persons, canoeists, snow mobile-ers, hunters and fishermen, cabin owners etc, are actually going to try panning and exploring. A lot of people that belong to these groups are buying placer, load and even hard rock mining claims. They sell for a range of prices depending....I have seen them in N. California going for $4-20K. Weekend fishermen are buying gold pans and checking out beaches and creek beds.

A couple of people said to me that their motivation other than enjoying being out there is, if the economy crashes paper money will be toilet tissue.

Pretty interesting.

I own a small gold mine in Canada. That is why I am here. I'm just surfing the net to get a pulse. My "mine" came with a big piece of land that I bought a few years ago for a cottage. It is just an old claim where somebody found gold a 100 years ago. But I bet I could get someone interested in it right now. There is a registered "reserve". Unfortunately, they make a mess and I really don't want that. I think I might be getting the bug because an old guy told me about a placer deposit in the area and it is not staked right now. I may take the plunge and spend a few weeks up there. If I don't strike it rich I will at least enjoy some great fishing and camping. I have to fly in and it is on a remote amazing fishing lake.

And why not?



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