What is your most significant frugal challenge at the moment?

Amanda Witman
By Amanda Witman on Thu, Dec 6, 2012 - 3:21pm

Doesn't matter whether it's self-imposed or externally-imposed...what do you need or want to focus on doing more frugally?

As the weather gets colder, I am doing my best to not have to use the oil furnace in my house at all, since wood for the woodstove is cheaper, and sun for the solar panel is free (you'll remember I got the woodstove from Freecycle and the solar panel through the state weatherization program.)  It's a little extra work, but I'm resolving to be joyful about it, and most of the time I do enjoy tending the woodstove.  Our neighbors offered us several bins of wood scraps and I need to go and get them before the offer expires.

What is at the top of your priority list for increasing your frugality right now -- and why?


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Wendy S. Delmater
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whole house filter

The top of our list for frugality is to get our well hooked up so that we will not have to pay for city water. City water is at least $30 a month. We need a whole house filter to do that. We have plans to build a whole house filter from scratch so it's just a matter of clearing the space where it goes, buying the materials and doing it.

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Saving food..

I have been trying to be far more mindful of the food waste my family generates.  With 2 young kids it is sometimes hard to get them to clear their plate (especially when they graze while dinner is being made - but those local carrots are so sweet).  So plated portions are being reduced and leftovers are being more efficiently utilized.  There have been a lot more quesadillas being made around here.  Great way to use up the small leftover portions of veg and meat that are not quite big enough as a stand alone meal.  The only down side is that fridge looks a bit bare at times because we don't have any old stuff hanging around.  Plus the freezers are getting a bit packed with tiny containers of xyz.  Time for some xyz chili I guess. 

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trying to get a post up

I'm being censored again.

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