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Amanda Witman
By Amanda Witman on Thu, Dec 6, 2012 - 3:17pm

I'm thrilled to see that we have 15 members in this group, and though I know a lot of people locally and on PP, I don't recognize you from your usernames.  Would love to be able to do that -- maybe we could have a get-together sometime in the next few months if enough people are interested.  If I organized an informal potluck in downtown Brattleboro, would any of you come?


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Amanda Witman
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Just bumping this up...

Who's here?

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Alex Wilson
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Resilient Design Institute

To introduce myself, I founded the Brattleboro-based company BuildingGreen, Inc. in 1985 and continue as executive editor. But early last year I launched a new venture: the nonprofit Resilient Design Institute. Please visit our website. You might also want to check out our great Advisory Board, with some of the national and international leaders in the resilient design movement. Glad to connect with others in the area; generally I'm in town Tuesdays and Wednesdays, working out of my home in West Dummerston on othe days--where we're working to create a working farm and demonstration of resilience.

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Amanda Witman
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Thanks for jumping in, Alex. 

Thanks for jumping in, Alex.  THANK YOU for creating BuildingGreen! 

I'm a single parent with four kids, living right in Brattleboro.  I handle copyediting and customer service (and sometime other things) here at PeakProsperity.  My kids are with me most of the time and with their dad approx. every other (long) weekend (Thurs-Sun).  I have kids involved in music (BMC) and circus (NECCA) and one soon to begin part-time at CCV.  In the past I've done volunteer breastfeeding counseling; I ran a La Leche League meeting in town for about eight years, and I've run babywearing workshops at Sprout in the past as well.  We're active in the secular homeschooling community and one of my children is currently involved with Vermont Wilderness School.  We also like to contradance and enjoy supporting the local music community in sundry and creative ways.  I've also found great benefit through the Time Trade and would love to talk with anyone who hasn't yet joined about how it works and what it can do for them.

I don't feel I can possibly "run" another thing, but if we set up a recurring meeting time, I'll come when I can.  I'm looking forward to connecting more locally with likeminded folks.  We're lucky as we seem to have many in the area.

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resilient design institute

Good morning Alex,

I think I looked up your institute awhile ago, but haven't been back.  Many reasons all due to work and family events I would guess.

I'm a bit more interested not in the original design of a home or building to be resilient, but I lean toward the sustainable aspect of resilience.  If you look at the architecture of home dating back to the 1800s, such as my own, you see many in New England that are 'salt box' architecture.  Many back then were heated with wood with wood fire stoves, cast iron stoves, parlor stoves, centrally located chimneys and fireplaces.

With recent weather activity, I have been focused on retrofitting My Old House to be more resilient and moving to that sustainable lifestyle.  A lot of repair and replacement work on a home that had a lot of fingers in it over the decades.

We definately need to have a cold one downtown and discuss all if the new stuff in my busy mind.  After I complete my current projects (solar system) I need to look at heating my hoop house for Winter use.  Right now the chickens take over the place during sunny days leaving lots of good poop for Spring...  ;-)

So Amanda, as I know you might be reading this, set something up soon!  I'll see you in MacNeills!



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