Short term food store

By Project67 on Mon, Dec 3, 2012 - 3:58pm

In the event of possible food disruption, it would be prudent to prapare a strategy that is viable and cost-effective.

The amount of food that is sensible to store should be in direct correlation to the numbers of people, and the space available, If cost is a factore the type of food storted will need careful planning. 

My main concern's are for vulnerable groups! the elderly, single mothers, and single people with mentle health problems. I propose that these groups be helped on an individual basis in accordance to priority.

For people that are able bodied, an established food store of three months minimum, that can be rotated and replenished each week should be our objective. The remaining groups will need prepared food on a daily basis, the logistical challenges will necessitate a coordinated input from local churchs, community centre, or a number of individuals who are inclied to work from their own kitchens.

It is boubtful that Central Govenment could cope with these problems, the numbers of people needing food would be overwhelming!  The issue of food supply is by far the greatest problem we face, with more than 55% of UK food imported, any disruption would be calamitous.    




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