Scroll buttons are hard to click

By kevinoman0221 on Fri, Nov 16, 2012 - 5:01pm

One complaint I'd like to get on the books (if it's not already) relates to clickability of the scroll buttons (the blue squares with the >> in the center that turn purple on mouse hover).

The buttons change color as soon as the mouse hovers over them, but they are still not clickable at that point; it is only when the cursor gets close enough/on top of the >> symbols in the center that the button can actually be clicked and a new page of results can slide over. 

I would like the entire button to be clickable, so as soon as it changes color on hover, it can be clicked. I believe this is normal behavior for buttons in general. I have gotten frustrated many times trying to click through a couple columns of results with these buttons. 

Also, is there a document I can view that lists the complaints that have already been filed, so I don't duplicate efforts?


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