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Adam Taggart
By Adam Taggart on Sun, Nov 11, 2012 - 12:16pm

We're finally able to focus on addressing a complaint a number of readers have voiced.

If you go the front page of Peak Prosperity and scroll down halfway, you'll find the "Recent Comments" module at the right of the page. At the top right of the module is a "More" link.

Clicking that link brings you to an experience where you can troll back through the full chronological comments history for the site. This is a useful feature.

The complaint is that there is no indication which articles/forum threads/etc the comments are for. So you're not viewing the comment in context, and you can't find a way to easily click through to the thread it appears in. I agree this is a poor experience.

We are considering 2 options for solving this problem. I'd like your input/vote on which you prefer:

Option #1: Simply add a header to each comment on the "More" page that states which article/thread it is from. This header would be hyperlinked to the article/thread. This option preserves the ability to 'Search' historic comments by keyword terms.

Option #2: Get rid of the "More" page entirely, and simply add scroll buttons to the existing "Recent Comments" module on the front page. This would allow you to click back through comments in historical order without leaving the module. The scroll button would appear like this:


In this second option, you would lose the ability to 'Search' comments by keyword terms.

Do you have a clear preference?


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If I understand the options correctly I prefer Option #1.  I like the ability to go back historically, but also want to have the hyperlinks to the threads.  I rarely if ever use the search feature.

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Adam Taggart
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Hyperlinks to threads will be in both options

Both options #1 and #2 will have thread titles hyperlinked backed to the origninal post the comment was made in.

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Denny Johnson
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Thanks Adam..........If I

Thanks Adam..........If I understand correctly, I prefer option #1 as it allows the review of 10 complete comments on one page.

For RECENT COMMENTS, another nice feature would be an option, from the front page, to go directly to the "first unread comment". This seems a common feature on many other forums.

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Why not both?

I have never used this feature.  I generally only care about the current few issues or issues that I've commented on and I use "My Account->History" to find them. 

I would however say I would prefer option #1.  However, why not have both?  You already have the functionality to press the "More button" on the top of the module frame and be taken to the "Comments page" with search, etc.  Why not leave that link next to the "Recent Comments" header, then also add the scroll button to the bottem of the module like you have outlined.  That way you get the best of both?  

Us users are just so demanding....laugh



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I'd go with #1. It adds

I'd go with #1. It adds utility to an existing function.  It also allows a reader to see the topic of a thread that gets "hot" that they may not have posted in.

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Adam Taggart
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Option #1 it is, then

Thanks for the feedback all (including those who responded via PM).

Glad this one appears to be a clear choice.

Rhare: we only have resources to implement one of these at this time, but I like how you push us to be the best we can :)

We've got several other improvement projects underway right now, so stay tuned for more 'course checks' like this. You're quick feedback is extremely helpful in enabling us to deliver experiences you value.

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