Wood chips in a garden

By OptOut on Tue, Nov 6, 2012 - 12:50am

I was speaking with my neighbor and he was telling me about using wood chips on his garden. What he does is leave a thick layer of chips over his garden and then to weed he just walks around with a rake and moves the chips to cover any weeds thus killing them. I set up my garden this way as his seems to be fantastic and the work load is cut down immensely. Has anybody here heard of this technique? Any pros/cons? Thanks.

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coldframes, trugs, behives and chicken coops

A tell tale sign of the gardening surge was revealed when I flipped through the Holiday 2012 Williams-Sonoma catalog, and thumbing past the the $300 knives, there on pages 46 and 47 was a $760 chicken coop, $300 raised bed, $100 trug, and $400 to $ 500 beehives!!!

This retailer would have been the very last place I would expect to see these items. Mother Earth magazine, yes, WSM- no!

This just shows how gardening is going mainstream.

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