Our group has fifty members...who is here? What do you find easy/easier and difficult/harder about building resilience without a partner?

Amanda Witman
By Amanda Witman on Thu, Nov 1, 2012 - 1:40pm

I am encouraged to see how many joined this group.  Sometimes, as a single mom, living a lifestyle that isn't so typical for an American, I feel like I'm all alone.  So who are you, and what is your story thus far?  How did you come to value preparedness, and were you always on this path alone, or did you find yourself without a partner after the resilience mindset had already taken root?  Please introduce yourself and share a bit about your situation.

I've shared this before, but I've always sort of joked that I got the "preparedness gene."  I was partnered for 22 years to someone who did not share that trait, and have now been unpartnered for nearly two years.  In some ways, it's easier not to have to make decisions jointly.  In other ways, it's harder to get things done with only one pair of hands.  As my kids grow, they are helping a lot, though, and while I'm still the sole grownup in the house, they are becoming responsible and reliable people.

What do you find easy/easier and difficult/harder about building resilience without a partner?


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Prepping without Partners

Hi there Amanda.

I find it is an advantage to be single. I have yet to convince anyone at all that my actions are sane. The last thing I need is a ball and chain.

Imagine trying to convince a female of a certain age that it is a good idea to live on a yacht and go prospecting, perhaps do a litte international trade in coffee or perhaps start growing Norrie.

There are a lot of females who would love to get the bridle over my head and save me from myself. I am not a misogynist but the sort of partner who would be prepared for the life that I will lead are non-existent.

Or they are at the moment. Later things might change, and then all the disloyal desperados will appear. They will just be on the make and be trying to get back to their old lifestyle, and if they have to destroy me to do it, well you can't make an omlette without breaking eggs, as they say.

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Hi Amanda

Sorry, I have been neglectful in posting to this site. I am with Arthur re it is an advantage to be single. It is easeir to make the decisions that need to be made, and to follow that path that one feels inclined to follow.

I am doing really well with my preparations, which is gratifying. I have confidence in myself, and more than anything, I have come to be very comfortable with my own company. I think that is a key for the single preppers - being comfortable in your own skin, and enjoying that feeling of self reliance. Not everyone will get there, as we live in a society that is more geared to groups than singles. Going against the grain is hard, but at the same time, so very rewarding. I don't have the stress than many in "couple-dome" have, and I don't miss it.

I am in complete control of my destiny, regardless of what others think, and that sits well with me at this stage of life. Wouldn't want it any other way.


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