What are you doing frugally this week?

Amanda Witman
By Amanda Witman on Wed, Oct 31, 2012 - 10:28am

Is it something you normally do every day/week, or is it something new that you're trying at least once, or is it an inspiring new habit you're adopting?

I recently put some containers in my kitchen freezer for tiny amounts of leftovers.  One container is for things that go well in a tomato-based soup (plate scrapings of peas, potatoes, etc), one is for veggie stock (clean veggie peelings, etc), one is for additions to baked goods (small bits of nuts, applesauce, raisins, etc.), one is for the mushy grapes at the bottom of the bowl that nobody wants to eat raw (but they are delicious frozen!). 

I also put a container in there for wax scraps, like the wax that comes off of a block of cheese.  I keep it in the freezer so it doesn't smell all "ripe-cheesy" -- those scraps are great for boosting a hard-to-start fire.

Today happens to be Halloween, and my kids and I will be carving pumpkins.  We will definitely be roasting the seeds, and I may experiment with cooking/pureeing the stringy stuff to see if it can be used in muffins.

We are not giving out candy, but we're going to indulge those who enjoy giving it to others.  wink

In anticipating of mulching my garden next spring, I filled some extra trash containers and heavy-duty bags with fall leaves.  Free and abundant; all they need is collection and winter storage.

What random frugal things are you doing today, this week, this month?


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Simple Practical Costumes

Since today is Halloween and my daughter is at the age where she really wants to dress up and go to a harvest / halloween festival (we don't eat candy so trick or treating is silly for us), we are being frugal and dressing up as farmers. (only took 2 days to convince her to not be a ladybug fairy).  We already had the overalls, straw hats, and farming boots from farming everyday - its a no cost solution for three of us.  For our youngest (age 2), we happened on a used chicken costume from the local thrift store ($3) and so we are going to "dress up" as chicken farmers.  An almost no cost halloween evening.  Will post a picture from tonight later.

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Jason, your post reminded me

Jason, your post reminded me that my eldest (14) dressed up as one of our neighbors, who happens to be his guitar teacher.  We just borrowed some clothes secretly via his wife and son, popped the lenses out of my backup-backup pair of eyeglasses, and baby-powdered his hair.  It was hilarious, except for the moment when our friend's eyes widened and he realized his wife had unwittingly lent us his very best shirt!

It was a lot of fun telling neighbors who he was "supposed to be."

My second oldest (12) is fond of creating Halloween costumes around the fact that he owns a (hand-me-down) suit.  This year he was a secret-service guy.

I'm a big fan of telling the kids to make their own costumes.  LOL.

I'd love to see your farmer-family photo!

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The chicken farmer family

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fun halloween costumes

That's great!  My son who tends to our chickens dressed up this year in a rooster outfit sewed by his mother to which he attached real tail feathers.  My daughter dressed up as a carpenter using stuff we found around the house.  


I have two containers for kitchen scraps always on my counter, one for compost and one for chicken treats. 



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