Sources of drought resistant open pollinated seed corn

By catherder on Wed, Oct 3, 2012 - 8:04pm

I recently found a great site while surfing - - Dave Christensen of Montana has set up this site to share his experience breeding a hardy drought resistant corn which he (apparently) named Painted Mountain. I've reviewed his page which lists commercial sources of this seed, (he does not sell it) and the best deal by far is Osborne Seed Co in the Pacific NW. I'm planning to order a few lbs of this to keep around as a reliable way to grow carbohydrates (as a backup to, or in addition to, potatoes). I've grown it once or twice and it does produce wonderful brightly colored ears that grind easily into very useful and tasty flour. This might be a good time to stock up on this corn as it seems to be readily available. My initial supply purchased from Johnny's in Maine in 1999 still grew well (80% germination) after 10 years in the fridge. I also managed to "score" a lb or so of Hopi Blue Mountain corn at a local fall festival last year, which I dried on the ear and then stored in jars. Haven't grown this one out yet but it is supposed to be a fantastic flour corn. Anyway, check out Dave's site - the story of his devotion to this corn, and how he has collected seed and bred it over years, is worth a read.


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Thanks, catherder!

Thanks, catherder!

That's a great site and a good resource.

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update link

catherder - I updated the link in your post.  Dave's site is  Thanks for the info.

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Heirloom corn .   Safewrite 

Heirloom corn .   Safewrite  did you  get  a good yeild on the corn  we got from Robie Robinson ?    Even in the drought  mine turned out ok .   Have you heard  from him  or   did he not make the  change over to the new site ?    Us older folk  have a challenge with change wink


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