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By jasonw on Tue, Oct 2, 2012 - 7:38pm

Does anyone have any experience growing small patches of wheat?  I am thinking about doing an experimental patch of hard winter wheat this fall using 4 cattle panels with 8' T-posts (wire topped) as the fenced in area (deer and goat protection).  This will give me 256 SQFT of space to grow a micro plot of grain.  Is it big enough to get enough grain to make a pizza? Anybody have any tips or considerations for this endeavor.  Thanks, Jason.

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A very large pizza

Based on a yield of 50 bushels/acre you should be able to get about 53 cups of flour. Enough pizza to feed the neighbors.  50 bu/ac is about average around here in central MO. with a range of 40 to 80 bu/acre. So figure out what the average yield is around you in bu/acre and that is approxomately the number of cups of flour you can expect on a 256 square foot plot. Go for it!!

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Our test plot was point-two

Our test plot was point-two acre and we got 600#. We planted TAM-303, a hard red winter wheat. For Pizza a hard or soft white would be better. Heritage strains of wheat have very tall stems that make great garden mulch or mushroom beds. Check your local extension office to find a breeder in your area to give you some direction on which strains do well in your area. Ask around and see if someone has a small combine or a seed cleaner you can haul your wheat to. Saves mucho effort.

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Some reading

I have long been interested in growing grains, but have never put my hand to it.  I read a great book, "Small Scale Grain Growing" by Gene Logsdon Chelsea Green press.  Maybe I'll plant some this fall when I plant my garlic!

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Thanks for the comments.

Looks like this experiement will be worth trying out and sounds like a pizza party will be in order if the crop turns out.  Thanks again for the tips and consideration. 


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