Louisiana Sinkhole

Wendy S. Delmater
By Wendy S. Delmater on Fri, Sep 21, 2012 - 4:22pm

For those of you who are unaware: There is a massive sinkhole in Louisiana that we've been monitoring. It's in the top of a salt dome, and it's very near to another salt dome being used to store a great deal of butane. Here are the articles regarding it, in chronological order.

August 12: This is a developing story - those of you in Louisiana please take note.
I do not always agree with Dutchsince, but this sounds like a situation to monitor.This article explains what a salt dome is, so it's important for background.


August 20: joehill1915

September 21 2012

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the Louisiana sinkhole is muhch larger

MaryLee Orr, LEAN Executive Director: I’ll speak from the people’s perspective. Their biggest fear is there could be an explosion there, because they see so much of this bubbling gas and because what they can’t see, there’s also natural gas on the land. We’re only seeing what’s coming up in the water [...] their great fear is that it could explode. [...]

Chemist Wilma Subra, LEAN Technical Advisor: [...] So the issue is how big is this sinkhole going to be [...] The fear is that this area is going to have to be a sacrifice zone and that these people will not be allowed to go back in their homes. Because it’s being feed by these production zone(s) of oil and gas it’s still migrating, so it’s a very active situation, it’s a very degrading situation.

Here's the full video interview.

and here is a recent sinkhole flyover video on YouTube. I cannot believe how much larger it is: originally, it was maybe three times the size of the wooden platform.

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