Marine Special Operations NCO Assaults Cab Driver

Aaron M
By Aaron M on Sat, Sep 15, 2012 - 1:21pm




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The cab driver was very good at trying to diffuse the rage, obviously he is use to picking up drunk servicemen.  Unfortunately there was little he could do to protect himself outside of deploying a weapon which would cost him his job, but that's the choice people make. 

There is a reason cabs in NY have a partition and people are not allowed up front.  Having the camera rolling helps after the fact for the DA but does little for the broken face the drive got.

I would have shot his ass after the first punch, but then again I don't take jobs that put myself at risk without the ability to defend myself either.

PS> As a former Marine, this guy makes me sick and is an embarassment to the Corps.  He has dishonored the Corps. be it PSTD or just drunken buffoonery I hope they throw the book at him. angry


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monday morning QBing....

First off, it appeared the assailant was drunk- I'm pretty sure I heard him slur his words, though I could only bring myself to watch the video once.  When folk are drunk, one must keep in mind that you can't predict what foolishness they will propagate.  So, if it were me driving the cab, I would have probably tried to release that seat belt and prepared to exit the cab, preferably with the keys.   Kinosh was obviously looking to get in a fight. I think the driver should have recognised that and taken steps to protect himself.

I've had a few times when guys jumped in my face and got all chesty and threatening (you'd be surprised how pissed some folks can get when their lawn mower is broken and won't be fixed for a week....).  My procedure is to stand my ground, square up to them, look them in the eye and tell them what's gonna happen and how it's gonna be. I was always small as a kid, and I guess I just got tired of being picked on and decided "enough".   I'm not big, strong, or of violent nature, but my method has always worked, for me, against guys who were.  They've always simmered down and become somewhat reasonable- I hope it always works that way...  Aloha, Steve.

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My thoughts were the same.

My thoughts were the same. Drunk passengers go in the back of the cab, which cuts out a lot of assault possibilities. Heck - they all should: taxi drivers carry a lot of cash and this way passengers are slightly less able to walk off with it. If I were forced into a job like that (unlikely) in a place where I could not carry, I'd carry my husband's handy dandy police flashlight, obtained legally and with police department permission, because it not only doubles as a nightstick/baton but would be a heck of a lot easier than using my arms to defend my face.

Situational awareness again. I could refuse a fare, or say backseat only. The cab driver should never have let him up in front. If an inebriated person is gonna lose it (and that includes his stonach contents) I'd rather the result was not all over me.

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