Autumn crops going in?

Wendy S. Delmater
By Wendy S. Delmater on Thu, Aug 23, 2012 - 10:07pm

It's time for your garden to get its Autumn plantings. What are you putting in? Today was a thrid crop of leaf lettuces, red and green, and prepping the herb bed for some more parsley and corriander/cilantro (same plant). We are havesting the border of peanuts in the front yard and instead putting rainbow Swiss chard and curly kale as ornamentals. Broccoli goes where the blackeyed peas are in after that, and since we have a long growing season, another batch of garlic. And in a month, the parsnips. Around here, our parsnips overwinter and get harvested in early, early spring, which is pretty neat. How about you?


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Autumn crops

I got carrots and beets planted for fall harvest the first week of August; here in Maine i've found I can't wait until the end of August.  Spinach and lettuce should get seeded now, then some garlic this fall to over winter.  Spinach is neat the way it will last into December in a cold frame, taking leaves as needed, then the same plants will start growing again in the following spring until it finally bolts when summer returns.  I'll put some Claytonia in too, which will survive freezing.  And try not to forget to plant garlic later this fall, to overwinter and harvest next year.

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Fall Corps


Collards, broccoli, spinach, turnips and romaine.  Onions and garlic will go in a little later.


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A few weeks ago, I put in

A few weeks ago, I put in peas, radishes, mustard greens, beets and Siberian kale, which apparently can survive for quite a while through the cold. We'll see. I also put in lettuce and spinach, although they did sprout as it may have been too warm still. I'll try again soon. I'll put the garlic in just before the ground freezes, which is usually around late November/early December.

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