Water, Water, Neverywhere

By Poet on Mon, Aug 6, 2012 - 2:17am

Just to start off a discussion on water, the master resource for agriculture and life, just as oil is the master resource for our economy and current civilization.

Video showing global groundwater, short-term and long-term acquisition/depletion over the past several years, based on data collected by the GRACE project: Twin orbiting satellites that take a complete snapshot of the entire Earth's surface every month.




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water supply

Interesting link.   I'm an ex-pat living near Toronto.  I'm looking to relocate back to the Northeastern US.  Both Ontario and the Northeast look good compared to alternatives for water.   One concern I have regarding ground water for the Northeast is potential contamination due to fracking.  My current thoughts are to stay out of NY and move to New England.


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A map of all the rivers in the United States

A map of all the rivers in the United States, and nothing else

Just how many rivers are there in the United States? Based on this map, a hell of a lot more than you might think.


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