What Should I do? Step 1 - Getting started

By brighton_roy on Tue, Jul 10, 2012 - 11:07am

Algie mentioned about starting up a prepping discussion, so here we go...

Although we are small in number, I expect that between us we will find we have a lot of ideas, tips, sources and suggestions we can share that will help us in our (never ending!) prepping activities.

There is already a lot of useful and detailed prepping information available elsewhere on the site, so let's try to avoid re-inventing the wheel, and keep in mind the main purpose of this group is to build on what is already here by making it more relevant for UK members. 

For me, prepping equates to everything in the WSID guide, so it's a pretty big subject.  So, with a view to making things as easy to follow as possible, I'll set up a separate discussion for each of the WSID steps:

  • Getting Started
  • Water
  • Storing Food
  • Growing & Preserving Food
  • Health & First Aid
  • Heat, Power & Communications
  • Protecting Wealth
  • Community

Apart from the topic of food, where storing food and preserving food might sometimes overlap, it should be easy enough to navigate around these key areas. 

We can use this discussion as the 'Getting Started' thread. 



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Thanks for taking the

Thanks for taking the initiative here.  I'll start adding my thoughts on each topic over the next few days



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getting started

I think making the decision to 'get started' is probably the hardest part, I think it was for me.  Once you've made that decision then prioritising what is most important to you and working your way down your list becomes easier the more you do it.  A lot of the things we prep I think can also be looked upon as just a better way to live your life, not being wasteful, with anything, having stocks of things available whether its food, water or several compost heaps.  Also recycling things and looking for alternatives to buying new everytime you need something I think is just good practice (practise?)  (that one always gets me!)  Everyone's prepping list will be different according to your circumstances and what's important to you and that's as it should be I think.

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