Introductions - A/S/L (Age, Skills Interest, Locale)

By Poet on Wed, Jun 27, 2012 - 4:31am

It's nice to know we got some people in this community who are right here in Southern California!

So that we can get to know each other a little better, how about we start by introducing ourselves here with our age or age range, skills we are proficient in and/or interested in, and what city or part of a county we are based in. Tell us about one or more primary concerns or priorities that you hold regarding resiliency or the future. If you want to add more about yourself, feel free!



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I Am Poet

I'll start with myself.

I live and work in Orange County - have lived here for most of my life. I am in my 30s. I work in IT. Resiliency related skills I am currently practicing include gardening (a couple of years now) and handyman repair.

Those of you who have known me in the online community for the past few years know that my interests are many, but one major area of concern I have is how those who are more vulnerable can manage and thrive in the coming decade(s): the poor, children, the elderly, religious or racial minorities, those with physical or mental disabilities or illnesses, etc. I think we should all be interested in that, because if we're not in one of those categories, we got loved ones in those categories, or time itself will put us there.


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I am SingleSpeak

Thanks for moving the ball along Poet. I guess someone has to be 2nd.

I live and work in Southern Riverside County, Murrieta.  I'll hit the big 55 next month.

I grew up in Carlsbad, studied Music in LA. I currently am the director and a guitar instructor at my music school in Murrieta and perform regularly with my band, the Silver Beatles.

When I discovered the Crash Course in 2008, so many pieces of what was going on fell into place. From that point on I, like most here, have concentrated on making adjustments to my plans of 'full steam ahead' to a more resilent way that will be necessary very soon or, in reality, now. I use this site as an oasis where I can be around and learn from people that see the world in a similar light.

Larry (aka SingleSpeak)

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Greetings from Northridge!

A: Over 70

L: Northridge (part of the north San Fernando Valley)

S: Software developer, student of the emerging crises, community activist (neighborhood council board member (Northridge East), co-founder of Transition San Fernando Valley (part of the Transition LA family), time banking (SFV Time Exchange), San Fernando Valley Green Team (promoting the green economy in SFV), ...), DIYer, novice composter and vermiculturist, ...

Special interests: creating a local economy resilient enough to gracefully weather the emerging economic/financial tragedy (including ideas presented by Bernard Lietaer, Thomas Greco, Charles Eisenstein and others); exploring the principles of community health (see for a currently dormant start).

Hope to get together with you someday soon!

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I am waterouzel

A: 30s

S; Hydrologist. Skills in gardening, fruit trees, worms, composting, native plants. Working on holistically getting as much food as possible out of 1/7 an acre with the least amount of effort.

L: Santa Barbara

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Ken C
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Ken C here.

A: Mid 60's


L: Tujunga  North LA in the foothills.


S. Recently retired math teacher. Able to devote more time now to personal interests and prep..

good all around handyman - I can fix most things around the house including masonry, plumbing, elec, cars., bought a welder and taught myself how to weld.

Interests: Gold mining, shooting and hunting (started when I was 10 years old.), 

Learning how to grow fruit trees - apples, oranges, lemons, limes

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