Practice, practice, practice.....

By thatchmo on Mon, Jun 18, 2012 - 1:47am

Howdy all.  Just thought I'd populate the new group forum.   Had an absolutely attrocious day at the range yesterday.  No, nobody  hurt or anything.  I've been shooting with a group here for the last year or so, which is nice, as having a place to shoot here in Hawaii is a rare and cherished thing.  We had a USPSA competition yesterday and I expected to do reasonably well, or at least better than past shoots.  I usually end up scoring in upper half of my group.  But, when you only get out every 2 months or so, skills get rusty.  10 yards, 10- 5 & 6 inch discs, 40 rounds and still left one disc standing!  Arrrghhh!  Let's not even mention the dropped mags and the safety violation during a qualifying test...Maybe I should have just gone fishing instead...Did I say practice?  Aloha, Steve.

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good article

I was reading on the TPI forum and saw that Claude Werner posted a link to a recent article.  It seems to be a good discussion of how to move from square one forward on training.

I just skimmed it, but Claude has excellent credentials and usually writes good stuff.

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