Back To Eden Film

By clawson on Sun, Jun 17, 2012 - 10:11am

I recently watched the film Back To Eden at

Has any one else seen it and tried to apply the techniques?

Worth watching,



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Back to Eden

I did just watch the film and found it interesting.  I believe I will try his suggestions.

I sort of have experience with the wood chip technique.  A few years ago I had a tree service that was clearing the power lines on my street dump me off two truck loads of chips.  I believe this was in the fall.  As noted in the film this sort of wood chip seems to have the right mixture to compost without me doing anything else.  I would see the pile steaming in the mornings.

Anyway, I didn't use the chips in the garden beds, rather I used them in the walkways between raised beds I had made.  I always have good gardening intentions but then seem to work too much with my art business to actually tend the garden properly.  This means those walkways have filled in nicely with weeds and grass.  Something I've noticed over the years, with a bit of annoyance, was that the weeds and volunteer plants from previous years seem to grow better in the walkways where I had laid down several inches of wood chips than what I actually plant and try to tend in the raised beds.

I'm thinking I will see about getting more loads of woodchips brought in and try this out in at least some of the beds.

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Saw dust

I'll watch this tonight. My neighbor has a saw mill and cuts slabs for furniture makers and so there are tons of saw dust to help move.

We have them by the truckload for animal bedding and the last load I wasn't sure where to put them but the garden sounds like a good place. I'll just watch and see what they do with them....

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Back To Eden film

Yes, I've watched this several times, and am currently converting our entire suburban lot to a sustainable landscape using this technique.  We had 20 yards fo wood chips delivered, and proceeded to spread it from front to back (almost covered everything--just a few spots left.)  Since I spread the chips over the raised planters where veggies were already growing, I have had much less watering to do (Sacramento area gets pretty darn hot in the summer).  Also used the chips around the fruit trees, and they are doing much better, water retention-wise so far.  Also, piled chips on the grass to kill it--and it seelms to be accomplishing that just fine--with just a few stragglers which will be taken care of on the next spreading.  I plan to take delivery of, and spread over our property several more times before winter.  I expect the former front lawn and everything else to be ready for some real planting next year.

By the way, once the wood chips are spread out, the place smells like the woods, and the mostly-dead lawn, now covered up with wood chips looks clean and neat.  I'm sure my neighbors are wondering what the heck we are doing, but its woth it to get rid of the lawn and make the entire yard more plantable.

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