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Wayne Grow
By Wayne Grow on Fri, Nov 16, 2018 - 6:09pm

Hey folks,

I've enjoyed the general concept of the HAA account with Metalstream -cost averaging accumulation of PM's - set it and forget it- allocated PMs endorsed by PP-- there's a lot to like there and I have been using this service over the past year or so.  I'd like to share my recent experience while exporing my acccount and invite comments.  First, when reviewing my account recently I noticed I had not flipped the Autoconvert button in the settings and had inadvertantly left the tab on "manual"- therefore over the past year I was not accumulating allocated physical, as was my intention, just a dollar value to be converted at my leisure. So ultimately I had no PMs allocated to me over the past year when I thought I had. This was my own oversight but easy to do and a mistake I'd like to not see others make. Second- I anticipated that since I had selected gold bars(1oz) that these would have serial numbers giving me piece of mind in regard to actual allocation.  I have since learned that gold bars do not have serial numbers until you get up into the 32 oz plus sizes!  This was a little disappointing but again my own error for not knowing this.  So how do I know the gold is really there(the PP endorsement is huge but due diligence is still my style)? The helpful phone representative at HAA offered a copy of the morning vault audit which I thought would be reassuring but later explained that only the line of the audit including my holdings could be provided to protect the privacy of others.--seems understandable but ultimately wasn't helpful at all to see a single line out of context of the rest of the audit...also the line from the audit provided states "fractional gold" which I guess means the 1oz bars I have selected to own but worries me that maybe "fractional" is somehow referring to non-physical gold.  Lastly, I was under the impression that I could go to Salt Lake City to pick up my physical PMs essentially any time.  The representative explained that I need to give FIVE days notitce before picking up PMs in person. Maybe this is a standard security procedure at vaults that I am again just unaware of but 5 days seems odd to me when HAA explains they can ship my PMs within 2 days of a request. Five days could also be a long time in a rapid collapse scenario. So I'm a little disappointed. I know there can't be a live video camera showing the shelf in the vault with my PM's on it but with no serial numbers and a 5 day delay built into any pick up I'm left uneasy.  Thoughts appreciated.  Thanks in advance.



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Notice, fractional and collapse

Five days notice is not unreasonable for a direct vault pickup. Shipment can happen in 2 days because the vault has established relationships with the carriers, they know who is turning up. Individuals turning up to a vault represents a higher security risk. They don't know you so are probably doing some additional due dilligence on you and/or working out when best to fit you into their normal routine with carriers.

Fractional is usually only reserved as a description of sizes below 1 ounces, I'd be surprised seeing a 1oz bar described as "fractional". Did the line of the "audit" (I assume you mean a bar list or vault stocks report, audit usually refers to an 3rd party review of inventory) have your name and specifically saying 1oz bars? If not then you don't have true allocated and maybe just a claim on a pool of 1oz bars.

Regarding the rapid collapse scenario, if you are waiting for that before taking delivery then it is too late. Ignoring whether you will be physically able to get there, it is likely that a lot of other vault holders will be attempting to do the same and commercial vaults are not set up to handle many individual visits so will be easily overwhelmed. You should be on the lookout for signs of a collapse and get your metal out in advance. I don't believe there won't be some indications weeks if not months beforehand that should let any reasonable person know that it is time to get your metal. If you think 5 days notice isn't enough, then I'd say you are cutting it too fine.

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Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the detailed response- that is helpful to me!

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