Bitcoin back below $6000

By New_Life on Wed, Nov 14, 2018 - 2:22pm
New_Life wrote:

BTC may leg down to 5.8k area again but this really does feel like more accumulation and/or defence by exchanges.  Do they still want to stop it going lower?

Part of me still thinks a mini rally could occur in October...  Lots of alt coins seem to have bullish divergences on the 2x daily.

I guess the Oct mini rally I suggested we could have is over.

BTC in 2017-2018 sure resembles the Silver bubble of 2011-2013...

Still think $5k is possible before EOY. Nice to have some volatility back to play with. 



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Tether falling apart again

So BTC is back under $6k but who's price?

Tether and USD exchanges are >$250 difference due to the lack of stability in the "stable" coin.

This might be useful resource for some


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